Dual-Measure Scope Swap and
Body Transplant options


Dual-Measure features

  • Dual-Measure scope, with 1 mil per hashmark space above the line and 20µm per hashmark space below the line scale.
  • Measures thickness of coatings applied to wood, plastic, cement, glass, ceramics, mirror backings, metal, etc.
  • Assists in measuring brittleness and adhesion of coatings and materials.
  • Both the OG212 and OG214 are supplied with 1, 2, and 10 cutting tips installed in the gauge body. An optional 5 cutting tip is available.
  • Gauges come in a rugged plastic carrying case with cutting tip wrench, indelible marker, spare LED bulb, and spare batteries

Scope Swap

Replace your (discontinued) “universal” metric-unit scope with new Dual-Measure scope measuring both U.S. standard units AND metric units.

The Scope Swap puts the new Dual-Measure scope in your current gauge, replacing the universal. The universal scope has hashmarks measuring 50µm; the metric line in the new DM reticles measures 20µm/hash.

All scopes are validated against NIST-traceable gage blocks before sale. If a certified calibration is desired, see below.

Scope Swap with Calibration

Replace your current metric-unit scope with a calibrated/certified Dual-Measure scope.

The Scope Swap puts the new Dual-Measure scope in your current gauge, replacing the universal or older green-anodized barrel scope. This includes a certification of calibration You can also swap out the old-style green-barrel scopes

If a certification of calibration is desired (normally $135), the price is discounted during a scope swap to $85.

Reticle Swap

Replace the reticle in your (U.S.-unit or metric-unit reticle) scope with the new Dual-Measure reticle

This cannot be done to a universal scope; the reticle won᾿t fit. It only applies to the old green-barrel scope. You᾿d only want this you want or need to add a metric-unit scale to your English-unit scope. The Dual-Measure reticle has the same English-unit scale (1 mil / hash) but adds a metric scale (20µm / hash).

Reticle Swap with Calibration

It may be possible to replace your U.S.-unit or metric-unit reticle in your green-anodized older scope with the calibrated/cetified Dual-Measure reticle.

It is POSSIBLE but not guaranteed that the reticle can be swapped, so you have your old scope (and gauge) body with the new reticle. It depends on the occasional / historical manufacturing differences in both scope barrel and gauge body.


A (slightly pained) comment (by an overly fastidious technical editor) about spelling:
In the American coatings industry, the word gauge is usually spelled “gage.” Because the Tooke Gage is – and always
has been – known by this spelling, I have used that spelling in the proper name of the gauge, but not elsewhere.