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April update

I have lots of OG204 plastic gauges on the shelf, ready to ship. Also MG402s (Microgroovers), and H-501s (pencil hardness gauges) and CTH01s (single-tip cutting tip holders) and S-700s (thick and thin film standards).

I have two OG202 metal-bodied gauges left ready to ship. I’ve ordered 50 more metal bodies from Harry-the-new-machinist so, by the end of May I should be back in full production. (Manufacturing trivia: It takes 32 programmed steps in his CNC machine to make them!)

I’ve sent examples of the old-style scopes to the sourcing company (here in Augusta GA) that’s trying to see if they can get those older, better scopes custom-manufactured for me. Currently, they have contacted factories in Japan (and perhaps China?). Alas,there is no source in the U.S. And I’m trying to source the LED bulbs at a cheaper price, so I can sell them for less.
LED bulbs

I’m also looking into having the cutting tips ground on a CNC machine. Anna, my second-new-machinist, is currently preparing the drawings (like blueprints) for me to find a company that will do that. There are several companies here in GA that may be able to grind them, so this work at least can be kept in the States.

cutting tips