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Camera Adapter?

Had another engineer ask me about a camera adapter for the Tooke Gage. Alas, not yet.

My next big project, after getting the new enhanced custom-made microscopes is a camera adapter for the Tooke Gage. I’ve done some preliminary investigation and discussion with possible sources, but have nothing solid yet. (Please send me any details or requirements y’all would like for an adapter; it will help me zero in on what is needed!)

There are lots of cameras/adapters are available, but most that I’ve found so far require unscrewing the eye piece and screwing in the adapter — and I visualize a guy in a safety harness hanging off a bridge abutment, watching in horror as the just-removed eyepiece tumbles down into a gorge!

dropped? OH NO!

Other possibilities I’ve looked into can’t measure or can’t ‘see’ on the fine scale we need. I need to find an adapter that mounts ON the gauge, rather than requiring modification OF the gauge.

Currently, what I do — and what most likely cannot be done in a safety harness — is hold an ‘instamatic-style’ camera lens to the scope, and take many pix to get a couple usable ones… It’s (way!) less than optimal, but it’s all I have at the moment.

Email me, and I’ll add you to my ‘list of folks who want to be notified’ when I finally get a working adapter! Or just keep an eye on the blog — I will absolutely be announcing it when I succeed!

Update on the better scopes

final enhanced scope, photo from factory

STILL no good word on the new enhanced scopes: my sourcing co. guy is IN China (again)…

(All the way back in MAY {wince}…) The factory reported that they had ‘gotten the scopes all done and were sending examples for final approval before shipping and here were photos of them.’

I completely freaked out, because what they had built was missing the last step (which we had ‘fixed’ back in, like, October?). Thankfully, that fix is (apparently?) an easy one; they left off the metal cap on the bottom of the scopes. (The prototype without the ‘cap’ hangs up on the focusing screw – totally not acceptable!)

final incomplete enhanced scope

Accepted prototype
final incomplete enhanced scope

So, we’re trying to get the English scopes (re-)done and shipped; that will make customers who use English units very happy. (And me, well-nigh delirious!)

The enhanced metric scopes, when the examples arrived at the sourcing co., seem to have something fundamentally wrong (with the reticle? with the focal length? TBD): they’re not measuring correctly. This will further dismay customers who use metric units, as we still have to figure out WHY the metric reticle is not reading correctly, and then fix that problem!

Still, the minute I get the English scopes in my hands, I will make them available in new gauges, and begin the ‘swap program’ for folks who hate the current universal scopes (which are both metric units AND less-fine-measuring: 50 microns per hashmark; the enhanced ones will be 20 microns). ( Have I mentioned the I hate the universal ones?)

October update

LED bulbs
At long last, I have found a direct source for the #222 LED bulbs, so Micro-Metrics is able to lower the price of the LED bulb to $1.80.

Upgraded H-501 Pencil Hardness Gauge
The H-501 Pencil Hardness Gauge has been upgraded. In place of the previous gray plastic body, the H-501 (and the dressing disk base) are now made using a higher-quality white plastic. The lead holders now come with all-metal barrels, instead of the older version that was part metal and part plastic.

Technical Data Sheets

There is a new webpage on the Micro-Metrics website with links to the Technical data sheets that come with Micro-Metrics products as PDFs in printable form. (I have reformatted them so they can be printed on 8-1/2″ by 11″ paper.) There is also a white paper entitled: “Measuring:   the Geometry of the Tooke Gauge.” (A customer requested a TDS on how to replace the lightbulb, which is also there now.)

April update

I have lots of OG204 plastic gauges on the shelf, ready to ship. Also MG402s (Microgroovers), and H-501s (pencil hardness gauges) and CTH01s (single-tip cutting tip holders) and S-700s (thick and thin film standards).

I have two OG202 metal-bodied gauges left ready to ship. I’ve ordered 50 more metal bodies from Harry-the-new-machinist so, by the end of May I should be back in full production. (Manufacturing trivia: It takes 32 programmed steps in his CNC machine to make them!)

I’ve sent examples of the old-style scopes to the sourcing company (here in Augusta GA) that’s trying to see if they can get those older, better scopes custom-manufactured for me. Currently, they have contacted factories in Japan (and perhaps China?). Alas,there is no source in the U.S. And I’m trying to source the LED bulbs at a cheaper price, so I can sell them for less.
LED bulbs

I’m also looking into having the cutting tips ground on a CNC machine. Anna, my second-new-machinist, is currently preparing the drawings (like blueprints) for me to find a company that will do that. There are several companies here in GA that may be able to grind them, so this work at least can be kept in the States.

cutting tips

New OG200 carry cases are available!

Micro-Metrics is replacing the vinylette-with-snaps cases that the OG202 and OG204 Tooke Paint Inspections Gauges have come in for years, and will now provide a plastic (polypropylene) carry case with foam inserts to carry your Tooke Gauge and spare parts. The outside dimensions are 7.75″ (19.7cm) by 6.57″ (16.7cm) by 1.85″ (4.7cm) and the case comes with a handle and two latches.

New OG200 case

Inside, the foam insert holds the Tooke Gauge, the marker, wrench, spare bulb and spare batteries. (Reminder: Tooke Gauges now come with rugged, longer-lasting LED bulbs.)

New OG200 case

If you carry a Cutting Tip Holder (Micro-Metrics CTH01), you can place the Cutting Tip Holder in the pre-cut battery “compartment” in the foam and, as shown below, cut a bit of foam off the insert to put the batteries along the edge.

New OG200 case

The new cases have arrived and if you wish to replace your old vinylette case with the new plastic one, they are now available for purchase. Cases cost $32 USD (plus UPS shipping), and if you’ll let me know which gauge you have, I’ll put the correct label on the box.

New OG200 case
New OG200 case

I am also looking into cases to replace the current vinylette cases used for the MG402 Microgroover and the H-501 Pencil Hardness Gauge.